Anodizing is an electrical processes that infuses the color into the material and creates beautiful shades of color. Benefits of anodizing is the size of the part hardly changes adds .0002 ideal for pressing bearings. Downfall all parts must be brushed or have a perfect machine finish. Any imperfection prior to anodizing will be visible afterwards.

Repair, Rework, Modification

Any part that exists can be replicated, modified, repaired, or reworked. We specialize in making parts so repairing, them or reworking  them is an option.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting cuts flat parts automatically. It can be very cost effective and the quality of the edge around the part can have a nice finish as oppose to stamping and punching which leaves small sharp edges behind.

Mechanical Part Design

A mechanical drawing with dimensions and tolerances is the key to making perfect parts. Most clients supply the drawing, however if you don't have one just send us a picture or a hand sketch of the parts you need and we can discuss your  needs.


Precision CNC milling machining, also know as the CNC machining process, produces an endless variety of precision parts, CNC parts, and mechanical components made fast. We can produce all kinds of different shapes and sized parts. Our machining working capacity is roughly  30.000" x 60.000"  (I762mm x 1524mm)


Our Sheet Metal Fabricating services consists of shearing, punching, bending and forming of metal or plastic parts. We can bend solid bar up to 3/8" thick. Mostly produces, flat parts, bent parts, enclosures, chassis. It can be very cost effective when ordered in high Volume. NO PROTOTYPES for only sheet metal parts since its mass production.(20pcs)

Metal Stamping / Punching

Also Known as Tool and Die can produce parts very fast once the die sections have been made, assembled, and mounted on a press to punch parts.


Precision CNC lathe machining also knows as CNC turning, produces mainly round parts from solid round bar stock that is turned to exact specification to the measurements on your drawing. Our max diameter (OD) is  20.000" and our max length is 42.000" (OD 508mm / max length 1066mm)

  • Electronics
  • Robotics
  • Oil and Gas
  • Mining
  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Government
  • ​Education
  • ​Hobbyists



We supply precision parts to many different  industries and individuals.

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Which Process is best suited for your needs ?

There are so many different ways to make CNC parts.     The key factors that dictate how to make it, and what type of technology to use in order to make it efficiently.

Drawing ? Tolerances ? Quantity ? Material ?

After reviewing your drawing, we decide which process is best suited for you. We take care of all the minor details of manufacturing your parts.

We are here to discuss your needs for precision parts and make your products come to life.

Contact us today !! and get a quote for your custom made, precision parts.

Zinc Plating

also known as zinc coating  prevents oxidation and rust by creating a sacrificial barrier between the metal parts. The majority of hardware parts are zinc plated, typically all parts that are mild steel can be zinc plated. It gives a beautiful rainbow gold finish. There's also clear zinc plating, which gives a silver chrome finish look.

Black Powder Coating 

Powder coating is typically applied electrostatically and is then cured under heat or an oven to allow it to flow and form a "skin". It is usually used to create a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint and anodizing, surface finish is not required before powder coating because the coating covers everything, which saves time, no need for brushing, usually adds .007 extra to the material

Tube Bending

Generally, round stock is what is used for tube bending. However, square and rectangular tubes and pipes may also be bent to meet job specifications. Other factors involved in the tube bending process is the wall thickness, tooling and lubricants needed by the pipe and tube bender to best shape the material, to the desired specifications on the drawing.

  • Energy
  • Power
  • Machine Shops
  • Engineering Labs
  • Engineers
  • Machinists
  • Manufacturers
  • ​Electrical
  • ​Construction

  • ​​4140 PRE-HARDENED
  • ​4140 ANNEALED
  • PVC

What type of Material do you want to use?

Rapid Parts Engineering




  • ALUMINUM 6061, 7075...
  • STAINLESS STEEL 303,304...

Water-Jet Cutting

Water-jet cutting is a technique in which the high pressure steam of water containing abrasive particles is used to cut shapes and create designs effortlessly. This method is used to easily cut soft and hard materials such as brass, bronze, stainless steel, titanium, tool steel, etc.

Lathe Machining

also known as conventional machining is a machine which rotates the work piece on its axis to perform various operations such as cutting, knurling, drilling, facing, grooving and turning, using tools that are applied to the work piece to create an object which has symmetry about an axis of rotation.

Milling Machining

also know as conventional machining is a machine which uses cutters to remove material from a work piece.  It has a wide variety of different operations, from small individual parts to large, heavy-duty multiple operation parts. It is one of the most commonly used processes in industry and machine shops today for machining parts to precise sizes and shapes.

Aluminum Extrusion

is a process used to create objects of a fixed cross-sectional profile. Material is pushed or pulled through a die of the desired cross-section. The main advantage of this process over other manufacturing processes is its ability to create very complex cross-sections. It also forms parts with an excellent surface finish.

Wire Cutting

Wire-cut EDM is typically used to cut plates as thick as 10 inches to make punches, tools, dies and parts, from hard metals that are difficult to machine with other methods. The wire, which is constantly fed from a spool, is held between upper and lower diamond guides

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